in Neuschwanstein castle



I confirm your possible desired date

  • This is reserved for you for two days
  • After then, this date has to be given back and will proceed in the free sale


You will also receive the following information:

  • Map Hohenschwangau with recommendation for parking
  • Timetable for the marriage proposal


You send me as a binding booking confirmation:

  • Your postal address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your mobile numbe => if questions should arise


I will send you my fee bill:

  • The bill needs within two days be paid
  • Only after receipt of payment your exclusive tour is booked in the castle


After receipt of payment, I will send you the following documents:

  • Admission ticket for your exclusive tour
  • Booking confirmation for your private horse-carriage

=> these two documents must be handed over to the castle guide and to the coachman


Every further transaction processing after sending the admission ticket and the booking confirmation of the private horse-carriage leads each to a processing fee of 35,00 EUR.


Questions are of course free of charge at any time!

Cancellation of the booked marriage proposal costs 50% of the total price.

The cancellation must be in writing, by e-mail or letter.

If you are late on the agreed date, I ask for urgent phone message.

Please understand that then has to respond individually.


Because of the regular Tourists-Operate it can lead to a failure of the uphill-drive

and/or to a shortening of the leadership.


The total price will be charged in full

For a failure of the event due to force majeure no liability is assumed;

in this case, the total amount will be refunded.


The risk of failure of the horse-drawn carriage in winter due to black ice is less than 2%.


If you have more questions to me or

you have the idea found right here after you here looking for

then I look forward to a message from you.


Your wedding planner in Füssen

Marie Prudlo-Mößlein

hre Hochzeitsplanerin im Königswinkel  Marie Prudlo-Mößlein