in neuschwanstein castle

Expiration details in brief

The respective times depend on the beginning of the exclusive tour

and after the summer and winter seasons.

You will receive your personal time schedule with your booking documents


The day starts early, in Hohenschwangau everything is still quiet.

Meeting point for your exclusive horde-carriage drive, up to the castle Neuschwanstein is in front of the hotel Müller in Hohenschwangau. Recommended parking lot No.4, parking fee 6.00 €.

You hand over your booking confirmation to the coachman,

I will send you this in advance via email.


Drive to the horses-turning place below the castle Neuschwanstein,

travel time 20 minutes



Walk up to the castle (too steep for the horses), duration 5 minutes


Meeting in the archway of the castle with your castle guide.

Please be there 5 minutes before the start of your tour.

You hang over your castle guide the booking confirmation, these I will send you in advance via email.

The castle guide knows about the marriage-proposal and of course will not reveal anything.


Your exclusive tour begins, duration ca. 60 minutes


Towards the end of the tour you will come to the famous singer's hall.

After a short introduction to the history and meaning the music, the castle guide subtly withdraws.

=>  your signal, your ca. 10 minutes, be creative !!


The castle guide comes back to you and accompany you to the end of the tour.


Now you go through the castle kitchen and the museum shop.

You will also pass the Café Liesl and the famous balcony of King Ludwig.

This is only open in good weather.

Continue on the stairs down through the "tunnel" where you finally get out from the castle.

This exit is at the foot of the castle and not like the entrance in the courtyard.

If you have booked a photographer, he is waiting for you here at the exit.


Now you have enough time to explore the surroundings of the castle.

Highly recommended is the visit to the Marienbrücke.

Bring a love lock to the grid together up there.

A beautiful custom of wedding couples in love.


Your private horse-carriage is waiting for you at the horse-turnaroun place.


In the horse-carriage another surprise waiting for your bride.

A bouquet of red roses and a snack pack for you both.

In the beautiful gift box you will find the finest handmade chocolates, two beautiful glasses and two different liqueurs to bump into this romantic event.


After 20 minutes you will arrive again at the Hotel Müller.

Your horse-carriage drive ends here but for you now begins a very special time ...... the time of your wedding planning.

For this I wish you "many butterflies in the stomach"