We organize your romantic marriage proposal in Neuschwanstein Castle.
As part of an exclusive tour, only you for two, you have the opportunity
Your marriage proposal in the famous singer's hall
from the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein.

- exclusive - romantic - unforgettable -

Darling, do you want to marry me?

... the question of all questions ...

At some point it is time ... but then come with HIM the questions:


               "How do I best make a marriage proposal?"
               "What does my partner dream of?"
               "How can I really surprise her?
               "What does she never expect?"
               "How do I make an unforgettable moment?"

The fairy tale Neuschwanstein castle and its surroundings
is one of the most romantic places for your memorable marriage proposal.

procedure of the marriage-proposal

Horse-carriage drive

Your private horse-carriage is already waiting in the valley, with which only you, only for two, will drive up to Neuschwanstein Castle.

In the early morning, even before the stream of

visitors comes up from the valley, you and your sweetheart have that fairy tale Neuschwanstein castle all by yourself.

Below the gatehouse, the entrance to the castle courtyard, you will be greeted by your guide.

exclusive tour

Now your exclusive tour begins, lasting one hour.

The castle of the fairy tales now only belong you both.

Ask all questions that are lost in a normal leadership.

Enjoy the time and be enchanted by the myth of the fairy tale king Ludwig II.


At the end of the tour you will approach the famous singer's hall.

Here you make the marriage proposal


After a brief information about the history, the castle guide refers to the importance of music in the life of King Ludwig II., your word of faith!

The castle guide turns on music,

start your most important 10 minutes - be creative!

end of the Exclusiv-tour

After about 10 minutes, the guide is back with you and accompanies you to the end of the castle tour.

You still come through the museum shop and past the Cafe Sissi. Here you will also find the famous balcony from which King Ludwig II. liked to look into the valley.

padlock on the marienbrücke

After you do that Exit the Castle have it up to the Marienbrücke.










Why not bring a Love-Lock in memory of this special one Day there at the grid.

The Marienbrücke lies high above the Pöllatschlucht gorge and offers you a wonderful view of the back side of the castle Neuschwanstein.

back to the valley

At the agreed time, the horse-drawn carriage

at the Horseparkingplace is waiting for you again.


They drive back to the valley, but of course not just like that!



In the coach, a little surprise awaits you and your bride.
Let yourself be surprised.



Part of a romantic proposal
a bouquet of roses for the bride.




Finest chocolates and

two special liqueurs will

seduce you for snacking.

Now a very special time for you both begins.

Plans may be made for the future.

The wedding planning begins and everything is possible.

A dream wedding like in a fairy tale, once a princess,
we make dreams come true.

Fee for this unique experience

The fee for this very unique marriage proposal in Neuschwanstein Castle
includes the following services at a glance

  • private horse-carriage only for two
  • one-hour exclusive tour
  • Marriage proposal in the singer's hall
  • a bouquet of roses for the bride
  • a nice snack package for two
    • with high-quality Pralienen
    • two different likeurs
    • two high quality glasses
    • romantic, high quality gift box

The fee for this overall arrangement
with the above mentioned services is 790,00 EUR

Photoshoot for marriage-proposal

If you want to capture that special day in the picture, a photographer awaits you at the end of your exclusive tour.

A two-hour photo shoot begins with romantic couple photos at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle. On the way to Marienbrücke there is a fantastic all-round view over the Alpsee and Hohenschwangau Castle.

On the Marienbrücke you have the world-famous Schlossmotiv, the back
from Neuschwanstein Castle, directly above the impressive Pöllatschlucht standing.

On the descent to horde-carriage place lot arise more beautiful motifs.


Once down in the valley, the shore of the Alpsee is still waiting. Also the castle Hohenschwangau offers with the castle garden and the lion well a nice backdrop for romantic pictures.

additional fee photoshoot

Would you still like the company of a photographer following your exclusive tour,
to capture this very special day in your life?

As a reminder, you will receive a photo USB stick with all the photos from the photo-shoot

From these photos can also be very nice to create an invitation idea for the wedding.

The additional fee for the photo shoot is 500,00 EUR

If you have more questions for me or
here you have found exactly the idea

you were looking for;

I am looking forward to a message from you.

Your wedding planner in Königswinkel
Marie Prudlo-Mößlein

Please tell me your desired date

for your marriage-proposal in Neuschwanstein Castle

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